Afterover Music

A mix of instrumental soundscapes

New release Jan 7 2023, Telepathic LP at Spotify and Bandcamp

Ambient, instrumental, chillout music for your thoughts and disconnections from digital worlds and outside chaos. Recorded in 2021, released Dec 30th 2021 as a preview on bandcamp - using multiple tracks of me playing guitars, basses, drum tracks, keys and random noises from the outside world. Some people have classed it as "Post Rock."

Jan 2022 update - Music now also available to listen to and follow at Spotify along with Apple, Pandora and all other main channels

April 2022 - new EP Added at and on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. Do you ever randomly submit music one night and then forget about it until finding it released one day. that was today.

DIY Blog - Whatever lofi is from a website design point of view is, this would be it.